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CFIN membership is open to Investigators, Prosecutors, Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Law Enforcement Agents, Military Officers, Information Technology (I.T.) Practitioners, Bank Inspectors, Accountants, Auditors, Engineers, Officials of Government Regulatory Agencies. Federal, State and Local Government officials, Researchers and Academicians and anyone who has to give digital and computer forensics evidences or who is interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Membership in the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN) and eligibility for the Certified Digital & Computer Forensics Certification Examination is open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin. Also, CFIN does not require that prospective members belong to any other organization, before joining CFIN.  However, because of the sensitive nature of some methods and skills imparted during the training programme, CFIN may, at its discretion, bar persons suspected to be sponsoring terrorism and criminal activities from participation. Applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Those with qualifications in Digital, Mobile and Computer Forensics or who have related certifications, degrees may be exempted from some subjects or qualify for direct admission after attending a week-end practical session.  Please find out if you qualify by providing the necessary information on the application form below.

TO BECOME A MEMBER, each candidate must take the following steps:
1. Obtain a CFIN Membership Application Form.  To download the form, click here.
2. Pay the Application form fee as explained in the Application Form.
3. Register for the Digital Forensics Certification Course.  For further information and registration, click here.
4. After completing the course and passing its final examination, you can apply to the Certification Board of CFIN with your Certificate for CFIN Certification for the MCFI designation.
5. Following the approval of your application for Professional Membership, you will be invited for an Induction Ceremony.
6. Attend the Induction Ceremony for new Professional Members.
7.  Swear to an Oath of Professional Ethics at the Induction Ceremony.
8.  Obtain your Professional Membership Certification and the MCFI designation.

To retain your membership, you must be a financial member who:
1.  Pays his/her annual membership fee annually.
2. Abides by the Oath of Professional Ethics sworn to at the Induction Ceremony.

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